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Newryt Star Commander is a 7-Star General in the Arcturian Space-fleet
defending the Safe-Zone that protects Earth from the Reptilian Aliens and
their Allies.  Newryt (New-Right) was born 40 LYsoS (Lie-sos) ago, which is
equivalent to 96 earthly years.  Unlike humans, Arcturians live well into the
three and sometimes four hundred years range.  Unlike many 7-Star
Generals, Newryt is young and held to be one of the supreme commanders
of the Arcturian Space fleet.  Forced into battle at a very young age, Newryt
instantly new his place among the race of aliens that today patrol the
galactic scene in attempts to bring peace to the worlds of the Milk Way
Galaxy.  In 1947 Newryt's fleet successfully thwarted a massive invasion
from the Grey Aliens (Some Reptilians too).

Unfortunately the battle was unable to decisively rid this solar system of the
evil races that threaten our home world (Earth).  Around July 8th 1947, a
UFO was said to have crash landed in the vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico.  
This was the result of a massive battle that rained over the heavens just
Newryt: Arcturian Alien

Height: 4' 11''

Weight: 106.10 lbs

Age: 96 Years (Earthly)

Appearance: Muscular/Athletic

Ranking: 7-Star General

Home: Eoron (Moon)

Race: Arcturian

Command: Star Commander of
the Space Battle Cruiser Athena
Newryt Troops have been reported to have landed on earth to secretly
capture the Grey Aliens despite the treaty that was signed between the two
races.  Earth has become a very valuable planet to both the Arcturians and
the Grey's.  Like Arcturians, humans possess the same capabilities of
spiritual ascension, and therefore, Arcturians would like to keep the
Humans away form the evil aliens like the Reptilians and the Greys.   

NEWRYT: Background

Born on the Eoron Moon, Newryt was a young Arcturian destined to
become a great leader through the destruction of his home city.  As a
young Arcturian (Arcturi), the war between the Reptilians was just starting
and at the time many did not believe that the Reptilian Aliens had any
means to fight the Arcturian space fleets or armies.  While in training camp
(many miles from the city), young Newryt witnessed the destruction of his
home from a distance.  Like an Earthly nuclear weapon, the reptilians had
sent a secret weapon to the moon that wiped out the entire city.  
Training: Despite the tragedy in Newryt's life, he knew that he was destined to become a great leader among his fellow
Arcturians.  He continued his training to master the forces of the universe to become part of the Elite Arcturian soldiers
called Aanhals (Anne-Hells).

Being different spiritually and physically his teachers new that they had a special student among their ranks.  Training
would last for another 3 LYsoS (7.2 years) until he would graduate at the top of his class and move into the battle scenes
of the Arcturian & Reptilian Wars.  

Fighting: In battle, Newryt would prove himself to be an excellent combat soldier and commander.  Newryt would climb
the ranks faster than any General had ever done.  With his mounting experience, the Galactic Federation decided to
place Newryt in the Safe-Zone to safe guard our planet (Earth) from an invading force of Reptilians and Greys.  

Today, Newryt finds himself on board the Starship Athena that orbits just outside the planet Jupiter.
outside the moons of Jupiter.  

Athena Star Commander is his designated role in the Arcturian Space
Fleet.  This space fleet is part of the Galactic Federation which patrols the
majority of the Milky Way Galaxy.  The Galactic Federation has kept the
Arcturian Starship Athena within the Safe-Zone to keep Earth protected.  

Long ago the Reptilian Aliens and the Arcturians signed a treaty that would
leave Earth an untouched planet by any alien race.  Today, Athena quietly
sits cloaked in the far reaches of the Solar System keeping a watchful eye
on our planet from the Grey Influence.  This influence has been a result of
the Grey's battle against Athena back in 1947.

Some Grey Alien ships were able to penetrate Athena's defenses and were
able to safely land on the far side of our moon, and today they quietly
conduct experiments (cloning) on humans to help their dying race of aliens.
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