Edgar Cayce: The Hidden Hall of Records in Egypt and Guatemala
Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet and by far the most accurate visionary of our time has been able to
locate these great halls of records which may soon be discovered.  The locations:

Egypt the Pyramids of Giza:  
Edgar Cayce identified the first Hall of Records to be located under the
right paw of the sphinx near the Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt.  ARE (Association for Research and
Enlightenment spurred on by Cayce’s predictions) has been able to locate large cavities of hallowed
space using radar technology.  However, the local government has prevented further archeological

The Island of Poseidia:  The location of the second Hall of Records is said to be located on the island
of Poseidia in the Atlantic Ocean near the Bahamas.  Unfortunately, the same force which buried
Atlantis also buried this temple which contained the Hall of Records.

Piedras Negras , Guatemala (or the Mexican Province of Yucatan):  Some debate extends as to the
location of the third location of the Hall of Records predicted by
Edgar Cayce.  However, Cayce has
predicted that some of the evidence had already been gathered by the University of Pennsylvania.  
Interestingly,  extensive research was conducted by the University in the Mayan ruin of Piedras Negras
during the 1930s. Although the Hall of Records has not yet been found, modern investigations have
been conducted by Brigham Young University have uncovered an ancient acropolis with some
interested hieroglyphs.  One message, dedicated to the father god of the Mayan has a small passage
that refers back to the Mayan sacred creation date (3114 B.C.)  and something known as the “fourth
Edgar Cayce: The Hall Of Records
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5750-1, "The records are one." They contain "a record of Atlantis
from the beginnings of those periods when the spirit took form or
began the encasements in that land.. ." (378-16)

The three Halls of records are said to be storehouses in which
the Altantean priests constructed in order to store precious
documents, artifacts and ancient knowledge.  They extend through
the first destructions of that ancient civilization, the exodus of
Atlanteans to other lands, and the final destruction of Atlantis.  The
halls were separated and constructed in such as way to keep
them safe for ages and from a mere passer by to discover them.  
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