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"The time was irreverent, and the battle was won, but the
war ha
d just begun!"

- Newryt
(Arcturian 7-Star General)

Grey Alien Invasion: Finding Home
Shortly after the uprising of the Grey Aliens (cloned race of aliens) they
began their vast search for a new home, but more importantly  a source of
nutrition and a means to keep their race alive.  The battle between the
Aliens left their race devastated and hopeless.  The majority of
their star ships were completely destroyed and many of their kin were
annihilated.  However, in the distant moons of a planet near the Draco star
system, they managed to gather their forces and make their way into the
outer reaches of the Milk-Way Galaxy.  
Space Craft: Grey-D1 SPC
Duties: Surveillance/Abduction
Travel Capabilities: Interstellar
Hyper-Drive: N/A
Image 1.1 - Grey Alien Space Craft
Closely montering Earth, the Grey
Aliens were able to map out Earth's
governmental structure, military
capablities, and monitor their actions.
Space Craft: Grey-BattleShip
Numbers: 25
Travel Capabilities: Interstellar
Weapons: Fully Armed
Image 1.2 - Grey Alien Space Craft
Knowing their intentions Athena
hailed to the waring ships and
demanded their withdraw from the
Safety Zone (a treaty sign by
Reptilians and Arcturians which
clearly identified the Grey Aliens as a
Reptilian threat).  Uneasy of their
rude encounter, Athena left room for
Space Craft: Reptilian Battle Cruiser
Designated Name: Draco-Naught
Travel Capabilities: Interstellar
Weapons: Fully Armed
Image 1.3 - Reptilian Alien Space Craft
Seeing the opportunity to
advance influence into the
Arcturian sectors, the
Reptilian Alliance sent two
cruisers to assist the Grey
Aliens penetrate the Safety

Space Craft: Arcturian Fighter
Designated Name: ARC2-E
Travel Capabilities: Interstellar
Weapons: Dog Fight Range
Image 1.4 - Arcturian Fighter
Unable to withstand the firing
from Athena, the Grey and
Reptilian battle ships retreated,
the fight continued for the
Star Commander and his
Space Craft: Arcturian Battle Ship
Designated Name: Athena-E07
Travel Capabilities: Interstellar
Weapons: Fully Armed
Image 1.5 - Arcturian Battle Ship
"Understanding them would become their greatest weapon against the corrupt hearts of men."

- Syamen (Athenian Star Commander)

The Pathway To War: Arcturians Display Their Power
Athena is the Arcturian star ship that secretly patrols the Safety Zone that does not permit Reptilian Aliens to interact with
Humans from Earth.  Between the Asteroid Belt and Jupiter, Athena quietly remains cloaked, unseen by the Grey Aliens.  
Superior in technology and universal knowledge, it is a cosmic understanding that fighting an Arcturian Battle cruiser
(space craft) would be stupidity.  However, it seemed like the Grey Aliens had vested too muc
h time, effort, and
resources to turn back.  As the Greys called on their brothers at arms to come, they were fiercely greeted by the
Athenian warship that had kept a close eye on the waring Greys.
"Like a brilliant Sun, Athena showed her might and blasted a pulsar beam past the invading

- Dansyen (Athenian Gunner)

Unwilling to give up their chance of survival on Earth, the Grey Aliens swiftly responded with their Reptilian weaponry and
opened fire on the great war ship Athena.  Out numbered 10 to 1, Athena called on her superior might and hailed a
daunting sound as she began to fire on her attackers!

"It was like a battle cry from hell, she shifted into Hellsiem* and started to rain fire onto the Grey

- Saymen (Athenian Star Commander)

Knowing that their destruction was near 5 Grey Battle Ships made their way to Earth.  In an attempt to ensure their
survival, all Grey Alien Ships, transports, surveillance, fighters, and carriers,  were dispatched to overwhelm the starship
Athena.  Like a distraction they would allow many to pass the line of the Safety Zone and make their way to Earth.
"Shields are holding, weapons firing at 100%, there are simply too many of them! We need

- Athena's Command Bay

As Newryt saw the fleeing Greys escape his firing range, he called on his Star Commander to follow the Grey's!  Athena
would take care of these battle cruisers and ships but the little ones needed to be dealt with too.  In an instant the
fighters were dispatched to intersect the fleeing ships.  Athena remained behind and continued to rain destruction on the
Grey and Reptilian Battle Ships.
A few had already reached the lunar zone, but many remained within the grasp of the Arcturian Fighters who would finish
the fight.  Today, many of the space craft who made it through the lines have had many dealings with Earthly
governments.  Unwilling to allow the aliens into Earth, the Grey Aliens knew that the Arcturians would soon come after

"Boots on the ground is the solution now.  Cloak the troops and make sure those Greys are

- Newryt (Athenian 7-Star General)

The Grey Aliens knew that soon they would all be found so they threatened the Arcturians and told them they wanted a
treaty or they would show all the Earth Humans that life exists beyond their world.  Knowing the importance of keeping the
humans unaware of Alien presence they agreed to a treaty.  

*Hellsiem (Hell-Si-Em): A 4th Dimensional State of Battle.  
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Arcturian Starship Athena
Constantly searching for a new home they encountered many alien races that would deny their right of passage into their
system.  Knowing their evil intentions many alien races threatened the Greys if they attempted to act without permission.  
Finally drawn to the outer limits of our Solar System they began to see that Earth had no means of interstellar warfare
and they knew that this planet was a great home to r
ebuild their lives.   

With the ability to perform cloning experiments on humans
, and feed off of their evil energy, they sent numerous scout
s to orbit planet Earth and surveillance it.
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