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Welcome to the world's most comprehensive website about Arcturians, Reptilians, Grey Aliens, Pleiadians, Edgar Cayce and Ancient Aliens.  Our
mission and goal is to deliver the information gathered by contactees, abductees, news, history and channeling, to the people of planet Earth. and it's staff are committed to giving you the most complete information about the Alien races that exist throughout our galaxy
and universe without any bias or agenda.  We hope that you will enjoy the information supplied on our website for the betterment of your
knowledge capacity about extra-terrestrial beings.  

No One Knows, No One Tells... and it's staff believe that we are all "starseeds" who find themselves in a temporary home on our planet Earth.  Starseeds have
come from everywhere in our galaxy and have been searching for our celestial brothers that will one day give us the opportunity to know and
understand the secrets of the Universe.  Being humans, we are taught to see the universe through a black and white perspective but miss the
fundamental knowledge that makes us so unique and powerful from a spiritual standpoint.  From the teachings of the Arcturians, to the power
lessons of the Reptilians, we can all learn what lies beyond our planet and take a peek into the cosmos and the secrets it holds to our past,
present and future!
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